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About Campus Linc

Campus Linc is a workforce training organization with the established ability to deliver public and private business education in areas such as information technology, software applications, project management and other critical skill areas including communication, teambuilding and leadership.

Our mission is to provide superior learning experiences with affordable pricing to the business community in and around Western New York. We also serve training needs throughout the U.S. and internationally. Our training methodologies and course content ensures that students learn what they need to know to apply it on the job, returning top dollar on training investments.

Our core strength is in our knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors who have proven teaching and presentational skills that are field-experience based, with current certifications in technologies as required. Instructors use course materials that meet rigorous criteria, whether the curriculum is vendor-authorized or independently authored.

Campus Linc was established in 2004 by a team of learning professionals with over 25 combined years of experience delivering business training in the public and private sectors.

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