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Pearson VUE Testing CenterPearson VUE Testing Center

About Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE delivers over 4 million high-stakes exams a year for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory and government testing service markets. It boasts the world's leading test center network, with over 5,000 testing centers, 230 of which are fully owned and operated Pearson Professional Centers. These centers utilize a patent-winning design, which was created specifically for high-stakes testing and offers a carefully controlled, consistent testing environment.

Why Test With Pearson VUE?

Using the speed and reliability of the Internet, the most advanced technology and our commitment to unparalleled service, Pearson VUE provides Campus Linc, Inc. with the tools and flexibility to meet your testing needs.

  • Pearson VUE uses the Internet for secure data transmission to and from the test center
  • Easy and convenient real-time registration and rescheduling of exams
  • Your test is downloaded and ready when you are, over 99% of the time
  • Results are promptly and accurately provided to the sponsoring organization, then merged into their test database, regardless of who you begin testing with
  • Real-time connection with the Pearson VUE hub via the Internet for all services
  • Tamper-proof web Digital Embosser that protects your certification
  • Extensive use of Java in the registration and testing site management applications

Exams taken at a Pearson VUE test center are the same exams, for the same price, as those with any other test provider. The difference is in the great service you'll experience before and after you take the exam.

Please visit www.pearsonvue.com for a complete listing of testing programs and toll-free call centers.

TESTNOW!™ Same-Day Testing Service

Pearson VUE offers a fast and east TESTNOW!™ same-day testing service, available only at Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers. If you'd like to test today, call Campus Linc at (716) 688-8688 and ask if there is a seat available. If there is, it will take us just minutes to schedule and download your test. Once you've completed the test, the results will be quickly and accurately uploaded and merged with the sponsor's test history data. Pearson VUE test centers and sponsors enjoy a real-time connection via the Internet to the Pearson VUE hub for all services, so data transfer is fast, reliable and secure.

Schedule Your Test

There are three easy ways to register for your exam.

Even if you began testing with another testing vendor, you can finish your certification with Pearson VUE. Every exam you take with Pearson VUE is quickly and accurately merged with the sponsor's test history data. For complete information on rescheduling or canceling an exam, please visit www.pearsonvue.com/faqs.