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IT Training Network

In our effort to better serve the business community in and around WNY, Campus Linc has created the IT Training Network. Our goal, via the ‘Network’, is to bring organizations with similar training needs together, combining their human and economic resources, thereby providing more diverse training classes locally, based on demand and at a reasonable price.

  • Receive the training you require, when it’s needed most, and do it locally. 
  • No more last minute cancellations of publicly scheduled classes that you registered for.
  • Don’t pay the added travel expense when you can receive the training you require in your own backyard.

Members may request any type of technical training.  They may also customize course content to meet their specific needs.

Here’s an example of what the IT Training Network can do for you:

Typically, a 5-day Oracle DBA class is priced around $2,500 nationwide and is a rare find in WNY.  With a minimum of 3 students, Campus Linc is able to provide this training locally, without you incurring those hefty travel costs.  With 6 students attending, the price per member lowers to $2,100.  With 8, the investment drops to $1,800 per member student, etc.  As the total number of students increase the savings per member student increases.

The IT Training Network allows you to monitor, on a weekly basis, the class(es) you have registered for.  The 'Network' also includes regularly scheduled public classes so you can recognize savings on training that is already popular.

How it works

Once a member registers for a scheduled class or requests training, Campus Linc will initiate an Initial Request in the next weekly IT Training Network member e-mail.

When enough students have been identified to run a class, Campus Linc will then list the class as a Fulfilled Request in the next member e-mail.

We will notify members within two weeks if their Initial Request is unable to be fulfilled.

Become a Member

To begin receiving the IT Training Network e-mail sign up on the form below or call 716-688-8688. Membership is free and may be cancelled at any time. Membership is based upon one individual from an organization being a member of the Campus Linc IT Training Network.  It is not necessary for each individual student to be a member of the IT Training Network.


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